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The interior design in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.宝马高效混合动力7系内饰设计。Those who choose the most luxurious form of pioneering effi

The interior design in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.


Those who choose the most luxurious form of pioneering efficiency do not need to make sacrifices. On the contrary, the interior of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 indulges driver and passengers with plenty of space, fascinating design and exceptional comfort that you can savour with all your senses.




Made-to-measure for your very personal BMW ActiveHybrid 7: the equipment packages from BMW.

The most individual form of visionary power: with the stylish equipment options from BMW, you can realise your very own personal ideas of sporty exclusivity, luxurious comfort and ingenious function in an inspiring form.



M Sport package


The M Sport package inspires with its especially dynamic details. Form and function of the exterior and interior features underline the dynamic superiority of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7. The M Sport package emphasises the athletic character of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 with chromium-plated features in the front and rear aprons, BMW Individual High-Gloss Shadow Line and 19" M light-alloy wheels V-spoke or optional 20" M light-alloy wheels in Double-spoke design. A choice of seven paint finishes, including the exclusive Carbon Black metallic, rounds off the dynamic appearance of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7. The M aerodynamics package signals sporty performance capacity – and optimises both lift values and driving characteristics. An exclusive sporting spirit also dominates the interior. Sport seats in elegant leather Dakota provide perfect lateral support for driver and front passenger. The M leather steering wheel with reduced diameter and specially moulded thumbrests guarantees perfect control in every driving situation. The M door sill finishers, the Anthracite BMW Individual roof liner and the interior trims made of finely polished aluminium complete the M Sport package.

M运动套装独具的运动感细节令人振奋。车内车外的结构与功能亮点彰显了宝马高效混合动力7系的动力优势。M运动套装中包含的前后裙板镀铬元素、宝马个性化高光饰条以及19”M V辐轻合金车轮或选装20”M双辐轻合金车轮凸显了宝马高效混合动力7系的运动特性。包括碳黑色金属漆在内的7中不同颜色喷漆饰面使宝马高效混合动力7系的动态外观更趋完美。M空气动力套装体现了运动性能,优化了提升能力和驾驶性能。车内弥漫着独一无二的运动精神。典雅的Dakota真皮运动型座椅为驾驶者和前排乘客提供完美的横向支撑。直径缩小的带专用拇指凹槽的M真皮方向盘在任何驾驶条件下均能保证完美控制。M迎宾踏板、炭灰色宝马个性化车顶衬里以及抛光铝合金制成的内部饰件进一步优化了M运动套装。



The efficiency of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 points the way. For performance and responsibility.


Respect is the finest reward for responsible actions – and the best motivation which is to provide more than all others with increasingly less input. The new BMW ActiveHybrid 7 combines impressive dynamics with responsible sustainability. The basis for this are state-of-the-art technologies and an evolutionary strategy with the drivers as the focus of attention.


Route-ahead assistant, coasting and ECO PRO route

前方路线辅助,滑行及ECO PRO节能路线。

The standard-feature Navigation system Professional in the latest generation extends the ECO PRO Mode with additional functions. The Route-ahead assistant anticipates local conditions and gives corresponding advice long before the driver becomes aware of the situation. If a built-up area or a speed limit starts around the next corner, the system recommends that drivers reduce speed before the bend by taking their foot off the accelerator pedal. If drivers follow the recommendation, the transmission interrupts the connection to the combustion engine and switches it off. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 then glides almost silently and free of local emissions along the road at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Depending on traffic density, the individual driving style, local conditions and the hybrid drive, the ECO PRO Route offers the driver directions optimised for efficiency – involving only a minimum of additional time. Drivers can decide for themselves on whether to take this recommendation using the displayed fuel consumption benefit.

最新一代标配专业导航系统为ECO PRO节能模式融入多种附加功能。前方路线辅助能够在驾驶者意识到具体情况之间提前预估局部条件,并提供相关建议。若下一路口出现城区或限速信息,该系统会建议驾驶者在弯道前松开油门踏板提前减速。若驾驶者听从建议,变速箱中断与内燃机的连接并关闭。之后,宝马高效混合动力7系以0排放量安静滑行,最高时速不超过160km/h。根据交通流量、个性化驾驶风格、局部条件以及混合驱动等情况,ECO PRO节能路线仅需很少时间便可为驾驶者提供经过效率优化的行驶方向建议。驾驶者可自行决定是否听从建议,使用所显示的耗油量收益。

Bluetooth Office


Appointments, diary entries or e-mails: Mobile Office connects your BMW ActiveHybrid 7 conveniently with your office and business communication – for a perfect overview, everywhere. Even your diary appears clearly on the Control Display. BMW ConnectedDrive transforms the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 into a mobile office with the best possible communications. There you can keep concentrating on driving while you are working as well. Even while going through your correspondence, because e-mails, notes, diary entries or text messages can be conveniently read out via the text-to-speech function. The dictation function works the other way round: here your spoken words are converted into writing, which you can send via e-mail or text message. Two mobile phones with your contacts and diary information can be linked to the system simultaneously, with their entire ranges of functions available for use. Fully connected, you maintain control wherever and whenever you want.


Navigation system Professional


The Navigation system Professional offers drivers a design implemented completely in 3D combined with an innovative interface concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia. As a permanently integrated feature in your vehicle, the Navigation system Professional has many benefits to offer. The high-resolution colour display provides a unique look. Sharp contrasts and a crystal clear presentation provide the basis to ensure excellent legibility. The system excels with its quick start function, lightning-fast route calculation, individual tips on reducing consumption and the 3-D map navigation for easy guidance in the city.


BMW Head-Up Display


Eyes directed ahead and full concentration on what is important: the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects the current speed and navigation instructions conveniently onto the windscreen, directly into the driver’s field of vision. If required, the current speed limit and status of the Active Cruise Control can be displayed. Warning advice from the assistance systems can also be shown in the BMW Head-Up Display. These include the Collision Warning and the pedestrian recognition in BMW Night Vision. All information is readily legible even under difficult lighting conditions. The height of the display is adjustable so that you can always have it precisely in front of your eyes. This allows you to register any important information during the journey faster. It provides pleasant relief and greater comfort for the eyes as well, since they no longer have to permanently switch between close-up and distance vision.


BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot


BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot can detect people and larger animals at night – even at a significant distance – and illuminate them. A thermal imaging camera in the left kidney grille transmits images from the front of the vehicle directly into the Control Display. In the image, people and animals can be recognised up to a distance of approx. 300m. An automatic pedestrian and animal recognition system recognises people from a distance of up to 100m and animals, depending on size, from up to 150m. As soon as the remote infrared system detects pedestrians or animals, such as deer, cows or horses, on a potential collision course in the dark, it directs one of two separately controllable Dynamic Light Spots onto the recognised object, without any unpleasant dazzling effect. This light ensures that both the driver and the recognised person approaching are very effectively warned of a potentially hazardous situation. The driver receives additional warnings (person or animal symbol) in correspondingly critical situations on the Multifunctional Instrument Display and on the optional BMW Head-Up Display. In the event of acute danger, an acoustic warning is also heard and the brakes are primed for optimum responsiveness.


Driving Assistant Plus


The equipment Driving Assistant Plus comprises not only Collision Warning and Lane departure warning but also Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and the Traffic Jam Assistant. In this way, your BMW supports you in critical and monotonous driving situations on the motorway. Collision Warning reacts in stages. Depending on whether the vehicle in front brakes suddenly or the system detects a stationary object in the road, the reactions vary from a visual signal via active braking through to the vehicle coming to a standstill. If the vehicle is in danger of straying from the lane, the Lane Departure Warning warns you in time by a vibration in the steering wheel. Active Cruise Control keeps your preferred speed constant within a range of 30 to 210 km/h and automatically adapts the following distance to the vehicle in front of you. The Stop & Go function even controls the speed when the car slows down to a standstill and restarts the engine automatically after a short interval, e.g. in a traffic jam.


BMW Selective Beam


More light for better vision. The BMW Selective Beam (anti-dazzle High-Beam Assistant) included with the special equipment Adaptive Headlights and LED Headlights permanently illuminates the road at night with full beam – without dazzling other road users. This minimises fatigue during night driving and makes it significantly safer. The principle behind maximum far-sightedness at night. A camera sensor in the rear-view mirror holder registers the position of other road users and a mechanism on the inside of the headlight selectively produces blind spots for them within the headlight beam. Drivers benefit from the higher luminous power and greater range of the permanently activated high beam – oncoming traffic and any vehicles ahead are not dazzled. Hazards can be recognised earlier, without endangering others. The significantly improved visibility and removal of the need to dip the lights manually take the strain off the driver. BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 thus offers what is surely the most convenient way to travel safely at night.


Comfort in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.


The new BMW ActiveHybrid 7 clearly takes the strain off the driver and provides more comfort for all passengers. Perfect coordination of bodyshell, chassis and interior guarantee an incomparable, highly relaxed level of driving pleasure, particularly in the rear. BMW ConnectedDrive innovations together with intelligent detail solutions bring maximum smoothness and make the driving experience in one of the most progressive luxury saloons even more pleasant.






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The interior design in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.宝马高效混合动力7系内饰设计。Those who choose the most luxurious form of pioneering effi


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